How Much Space Do I Need?

For an idea of the volume of storage you require, have a look at our summary guide below, Or click here to use our Self Storage advanced storage calculator.

Vehicle Size  
Description Size No. Containers

Estate Car / People Carrier
20 - 25 sq ft 1

Transit Van Load
35 - 50 sq ft 1 or 2

Luton Van Load
60 - 85 sq ft 2 or 3

7.5 Tonne Truck Load
150 sq ft 5



Household Storage  
Description Size No. Containers
1 Bedroom House 35 - 50 sq ft 1 or 2
2 Bedroom House 60 - 100 sq ft 2 or 3
3 Bedroom House 85 - 135 sq ft 3 or 4
4+ Bedroom House 135 - 200 sq ft 4, 5 or 6
Business Storage  
Description Size No. Containers
Furnished Office 50 - 70 sq ft 2
Large Furnished Office 100 sq ft 3
100 Archive Boxes 35 sq ft 1
200 Archive Boxes 70 sq ft 2
300 Archive Boxes 105 sq ft 3
600 Archive Boxes 175 sq ft 5

Advanced Storage Calculator

To use our self storage calculator, type in the quantity of each item you want to store from each of your rooms. An estimate of the total square feet of storage space required will be automatically calculated and appear here.


Living Room
Item Qty. Item Qty.
armchair sideboard
carpet sofa
coffee table standard lamp
desk TV console
dining chairs TV
dining table box B medium
mirror box C large
Item Qty. Item Qty.
bed kingsize cot
bed double suitcase (large)
bed single trunk
bedside table TV portable
dresser wardrobe
carpet box B medium
char straight box C large
clothes basket box D wardrobe
Kitchen and Utilities
Item Qty. Item Qty.
breakfast table high chair
chest freezer ironing board
chair microwave
cooker vacuum
dishwasher washing mashine
dryer box B medium
fridge (small) box C large
Garage and Garden
Item Qty. Item Qty.
barbecue with legs lawn mower
bicycle step ladder
garden chair table
garden hose wheelbarrow
garden tools box B medium
golf bag box C large
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